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C 5500    FEATURES
Integral Access Shelf
C 5500
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Loop-C 5500 is an Integral Access Shelf designed to accept a mix of Loop series rack cards. This includes Loop-E and Loop-T, which are fractional E1/T1 products, Loop-U, which is a 128 Kbps U interface over twisted pairs, Loop-M, which is a modem, and Loop-H, which is an xDSL system carrying up to 2.048 Mbps data or E1/T1.

Loop-C5500 Integral Access Shelf supports local configuration and diagnostics using keypads and LCD display on the front panel, or from a local or remote terminal. Each rack position can be individually addressed and the type of plug-in identified. This enables users to execute in-service diagnostics and fault isolation. Using Ethernet, SLIP, SNMP, or Telnet connection on the shared controller card of the rack unit, users can remotely control and diagnose Loop rack cards from a centralized location. In addition to commercial management systems, a graphical user interface (GUI) based network management system, LoopView, is also available from Loop.


Space for 16 plug-in cards.
Accepts cards of types:
- Loop-E, (fractional E1 CSU/DSU),
- Loop-H, xDSL, (272 to 2320 Kbps),
- Loop-M, (1.2 to 33.8 Kbps modem),
- Loop-T, (fractional T1 CSU/DSU),
- Loop-U, (1.2 to 128 Kbps U Interface).
Shared common controller card allows front panel operation.
2-line by 40-character LCD display.
Ethernet port.
Connection to SNMP and Telnet.
Compatible to LoopView, a GUI network management system.
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