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Loop-H3308TM Ethernet over Bonded ESHDSL-Standalone
Bonding protocol IEEE 802.3ah 2Base-TL
For high speed Ethernet point to point applications.
2,4 or 8 pairs optional enhanced SHDSL.
Embedded Ethernet switch for two Ethernet 10/100M ports.
Support power supply options:
- Single fixed AC power supply.
- Hot swappable dual AC or DC power supply.
STU-C(master) or STU-R(slave) mode selectable.
Built in self-test, loopback and BERT functions.
Multi-color LED indicators.
Optional front panel keys and LCD display.
One DB9 console connector.
One Ethernet SNMP port.
Supports VT-100 menu, Telnet, SNMP agent.
Supports Secure Shell(SSH), Access Control List(ACL).
Log-in and password protection.
Remote firmware download, Configuration download via Ethernet.
Standard compliance: ITU-T G.991.2 bis ( Enhanced SHDSL)and G.994.1.

CERTIFIED ISO-9001 The Loop-H3308 is a standalone device which provides high speed digital transport for Ethernet point to point applications. The device converts two Ethernet ports over multiple twisted copper pairs by using the 16-TCPAM, 32-TCPAM (enhanced SHDSL) technology and the bonding protocol IEEE 802.3ah 2Base-TL. There are 2, 4 or 8 pairs configuration for the DSL interface. The total bandwidth is dependant on the number of copper wires. The Loop-H3308 works as a pair (as master and slave). The slave unit is usually located at the customer's premises. The distance that this technology can span without repeaters are dependant on the data rate. The Loop-H3308 supports configuration and diagnostics by using keypads and LCD display on the front panel, from a local terminal or an Ethernet SNMP port. This allows execution of in-service diagnostics and fault isolation.

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